Paros Apartments

Walking & Trekking

Walking routes & Trekking on Paros Island, Greece

Paros Island has numerous walking routes and trekking paths which cover all the island, often passing through uniquely beautiful countryside locations. Near Paros Apartments, in the area of Kakapetra, a rural footpath takes you uphill, through a small canyon in the mountainside, all the way up to Thapsana monastery (where Paros’ unique breed of penguins live). From here you can enjoy close to 360° views of the deep blue Aegean Sea. For an alternative return route, head down towards Parikia via the ancient marble quarries of Marathi which are worth a visit in their own right.

A longer walk from another nearby location in the area of Kakapetra, not far from Paros Apartments, takes you through the recently abandoned village of Aneratzia to the countryside of Kamari. From here, it’s also possible to walk to the nearby village of Ageria, en-route to the seaside town of Aliki. For more leisurely walkers, the area around Parikia has many shorter walking routes. Take the footpath from the end of the seafront road, by the Town Hall, to the nearby seaside area called Germanika.

You can also easily walk from Souvlia beach to Parasporos beach along a quiet stretch of countryside road. Another walkers’ favourite is the pathway that connects the main beach of Livadia with the beaches of Krios & Marcello across the bay. Paros Island has a variety of walking and trekking routes for you to enjoy during your holidays in Greece!

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